Powerful Digital Jo-Biz Card for any Agent or Sales Rep.

Turn more of your visitors into customers

Quick & Easy

A quick and simple way to grow your sales using Jo-Bizcard as your profile page.

Lead generation

Create simple pages to collect customer information. You can automatically direct them to redeem a free download, watch a video, or schedule a call.

Data Collection

Use websites specifically made to collect visitor contact data.

What is Profile Page?

A profile page is a wonderful way to showcase your products and services and build credibility. 

Every business has its own unique story that sets them apart from the competition. You can share your business' history with potential customers and show how you've grown over time in a number of ways: photos, testimonials, milestones achieved or awards won.

A profile page also gives consumers an opportunity to get to know you on a more personal level before they make up their minds about whether or not it's worth making contact for future purchases.

Many companies are using social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote their products. This is because they want to make it easier for people who don't know about the product yet and also, increase sales by targeting your market more efficiently. 

One of the easiest ways you can use a profile page is by taking advantage of what's called "geo-targeting". By setting up your geo-location on a website like Google Ads or Adwords (which doesn't cost anything), then someone searching in that area will be able to find out all kinds of information about your company straight away! You'll get an idea of how many people within that radius have searched for similar items, so you're not wasting valuable time going after leads that have already been taken care of by other businesses.

JO-Bizcard is suitable for whom?

Almost Everyone

Small business owner, sales or marketing representative.

Any Type of Businesses

Suitable for automobile, property, insurance, medical agents and many more.

What is


Brand and a powerpack profile page.

Carries your Brand name and business details.
Share your brand name with social media links.
E-business cards can be shared online, digitally.
All-in presentation to your customer.

JO-BizCard Benefits

Proven way to build a Professional Brand.

Using your own Brand domain name.

Interactive networking tool.

Practical Marketing Funnel to capture your leads.

Increase your Brand reputation.

Brand and a powerpack profile page.

Easily share your Jo-Bizcard instantly

Capture the interest of your potential customer.

How JO-BizCard compared with normal printed business cards?

Printed Bizcard

Viewing only

Networking, Engaging & Marketing tools, Share, Contact, Explanation, Video, Visually attractive


Visual Branding 

Complete Digital Branding


Non-shareable physically

Easily shared digitally


Manually adding your contact

Multiple choices to add your contact via smartphone


Limited to paper size

Sync to any social media or digital channels instantly



Links to any channels on QR-code or buttons

User Interface

Depending on print quality

Interactive and Professional looking JO-Bizcard 


Thrown away or misplaced

Customer can simply add your contact instantly

Eco Friendliness

Not Eco friendly

Zero paper wastage


Not relevant

Powerful tool for your advertising needs


Q. What is a JO-BizCard?
  • Carries your Brand name and business details. 
  • E-business cards can be shared online, digitally.
  • Share your brand name with social media links. 
  • All-in presentation to your customer.
Q. Why subscribe to JO-BizCard?
  • Special privileges as J-Member (rebates on packages)
  • J-Member gets to join our networking group.
Q. How do I start building the Jo-BizCard?
  • Fill up the information and attached visuals. 
  • We will build for you as per your chosen template. 
  • You will get an email notification to access the Jo-Bizcard.
Q. When is the JO-BizCard ready for use?
  • Completion takes less than 72 hours upon submission of the form.
  • You can revise the content once within 6 days after completion.
Q. How do I edit my JO-BizCard?
  • Send a request via email. Limited to once a month.
Q. What should I include in my JO-BizCard?
  • Your brand/company name, location, contact, and product info. 
  • Shareable links to your social media, website, and catalog.
Q. Do I need a domain to use JO-BizCard?

Yes, you will need a web domain to run the JO-Bizcard which are FREE for 1st year when you sign up for the service.

Q. Can I get my own domain myself?

Yes, we will setup for you FREE of charge, or you can also provide us atleast 3 prefered domains and we will get the domain and setup for you.

Q. What support do you have?

We pride ourselves as a service company first, backed up with amazing software. Our success is directly tied to that of our customer. We provide live chat, email, and the ability to schedule calls with our Expert Coaches.

About Us

If you are an entrepreneur, you know that your success cannot depend on the opinions

JOeve Marketing is a Marketing Agency based in Penang. We are passionate about helping businesses grow their Brand using Ai-assisted Marketing tools. We help our customers increase their Brand Value using Proven Marketing Strategies, Methods, and Technologies.

JOeve Marketing's core services include Conceptual, Design, and Content Creation. Digital services include Branding & Advertising, Website Development, e-Commerce, Social Media (Management & Ads), Google Ads (SEM & SEO), and Email Marketing. Innovative ai-tech: Chatbot, Content, Webot.

Some of our clients

Fit any Branding Budget

Its your perfect tool for branding, networking, engaging, and sharing your profile digitally. 

The 𝗝O-𝗕𝗶𝘇C𝗮𝗿𝗱 is your perfect marketing tool for sales, agents, or representatives looking to engage and share their profiles digitally. The super low price of RM288 per year makes it affordable for any budget, and easy to get started.

Pay Securely with


Free 1 year Domain

Cloud Hosting

Full Security

Leads Generation Form

3 Multi-Step Funnels

QR Code to your JO-BizCard

CTA buttons for easy contact

Mobile Version

Free Support

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