What are the problems and solutions to build a Brand?


  • Lack of time, money and skills. 
  • Only giant corporations with big-budget can build brands. 


  • Time - choose the right partner to build your Brand Story.
  • Money - Brand Story is the most cost-effective Campaign.
  • Skills - no coding or technical skills required.

What are the Branding Solutions?


  • JOeve 3-step Brand Story - Story, Share, Sell.
  • Create your Brand Story, Share widely, Sell easily.


  • Concept - What is your Brand Story, Why & How to engage.


  • Brand Story - your own mobile web page.
  • Social Media - run on Facebook, Tik Tok or Google. 
  • Email Campaigns - communicate Brand Story consistently.


  • Create your Brand Story Campaigns
  • Share your Brand Story on Channels
  • Advertise your Brand Story
Why do we need to develop a Brand?

A strong brand helps to sell your message and benefits for you. As long as any new products and services you introduce are up to the standard of your existing offerings, it becomes a great deal easier to launch new branded lines. The brand is your ambassador and advocate, attracting customers and reassuring them. At the same time, it will help to bring in a flow of new customers.

How long does it take to build a Brand?

It will probably take you years to build up a widely-recognised brand - the sooner you start the better. Here are the first steps you need to take:

  1. Try to think of a memorable and meaningful trade name that sums up what you do, making sure it does not conflict with any existing names in your field.
  2. List the brand attributes you want to convey.
  3. Commission an appropriate logo. When you have the right design, make sure it appears everywhere.
  4. Develop a corporate image and colour scheme that can be used on your website, on stationery, vans, signs, staff clothing and adverts.
  5. Ensure that all your products and services are reliable, compatible and of a good standard. A single weak link will drag down the value of the brand.

The time it takes to build a brand is the time it takes your customers to accept your brand values. These may include the belief, for example, that your product or service will give better value or be more reliable than competing ones. They may also start to believe that they will be happier with your product or service than any others and that your product or service is the most suitable for people like them.

Clearly these values are based on customers' perceptions of your company and its authority and reputation in its particular field, combined with the particular benefits provided by your product. Your customers' good opinion will be based on substance; continuing to deliver on your promises will ensure your brand is successful.

This kind of authority and reputation is not easily won, so building a genuine brand is likely to take time, some money and other resources.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is any kind of marketing that is geared towards smartphones, laptops, tablets and basically any other device that is capable of connecting to Wi-Fi or internet. Traditional marketing will focus on radio, TV, print and film, whereas when it comes to digital marketing we want to be thinking about apps, websites, blogs, social media, email and online content.

Would My Company Benefit From Digital Marketing?

DEFINATELY YESYou don’t have to replace your traditional marketing efforts with digital ones, but it is 2021 and if the word digital doesn’t come into your marketing strategy then your business will not thrive. It really is as simple as that.

What Is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing, also known as word of mouth marketing, refers to creating visual content or video that resonates with the respective target audience. It offers information about a company’s products and services via messages that spread like a virus, i.e., rapidly from person to person.

The idea is to create content that users would love to share with others.

A viral marketing campaign can significantly augment engagement, sales, and brand when done right.

Why should I use social media?

Let’s face it: the world’s gone social. In fact, 30% of all time (and counting) spent online is allocated to social media. If you want to get in front of people, social media is the way to do it. Whether you’re interested in brand awareness, sponsored content, or a combination of both, we can help!

What's the difference between an ad and a post on social?

A post is content you share on social media for your followers to see organically. An ad is a paid post to target an audience outside of your followers based on demographics and interests. Because most social media algorithms limit the number of followers who see your business' content organically, we recommend promoting important or relevant posts to guarantee more people will see them. Another great indicator of a post that should be promoted is one that performs well organically. If it's doing well on it's own, putting money behind it will increase its reach.

What are promoted or boosted social posts and how do you do them?

Ads are called different names on most social channels, but in the end they are fulfilling the same purpose. On each platform you can set up an advertisement directly from the post to increase engagement, or set up a more advanced ad through the social channel’s advertising platform.

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is simply another URL on a website or platform that people land on after clicking through from another part of the internet. 

A landing page could be a page on your website that you direct people to after they click on your ads, sales pages, and internal links. Landing pages can also be used to receive visitors from other websites, affiliate links, and social media posts.

The most common use for these kinds of pages is to inform visitors about a product or service. The pages are often stripped-down versions of your website with no menu, sidebar, or extraneous information. The landing page is there for one purpose only and anything not related to the topic or goal is discarded.

What Are The Different Types Of Landing Pages?

There are a few main types of landing pages you need to know about:

Squeeze page: A page built to elicit information from a person, usually centered around an incentive like a downloadable ebook, VIP demo, etc.

Ecommerce page: A page built to drive an ecommerce checkout, usually centered around a large image, specifications, reviews and an "add-to-cart" CTA.

Pre-launch page: A page built to elicit information from a person, usually centered around a future incentive (think Kickstarter or "provide your email now and you'll be the first to know when we launch").

Ad campaign page: A page built to receive traffic from an advertising campaign, always centered around the same offer as the ad. Messaging, design and tone should match perfectly.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free platform on which Digital Agency and developers like us build websites. It provides all the flexibility and functionality we need so you’re easily able to keep your site up to date with new content. We love it, as do millions of business owners. We use it for all the different websites we create, from small business websites to ecommerce sites.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

Google has personally answered this one for you. They say that in most cases SEO can take between 4 months to a year to help your business first implement improvements and then see potential benefit.

If WordPress is free, why do I pay for your services?

WordPress platform is free to use. We charge you for design, premium themes, premium plugins and development services but once your site is finished, you don’t have to pay any ongoing costs for using the platform itself.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is required in order to get your website online. It is the space that you ‘rent’ which houses your web files and allows users to access your site and the information contained on it.

Can I purchase my own domain?

Yes, Go Ahead! Once you’ve sorted your domain out, we can take things from there. But if you need help, feel free to ask.

How To Boost Your Traffic Of Your Blog And Destroy The Competition?
  • Write about a topic that no one else is writing about
  • Gather a list of high traffic keywords
  • Write a post with a long-form
  • Add a blog post to a high-traffic blog
  • Solve a common problem for a high-traffic keyword
  • Add a video to a blog post
  • Create a podcast
  • Create an infographic
  • Create a slide-deck
  • Add social media buttons
6 Powerful Tips To Creating Testimonials That Sells Your Product Fast
  1. To get a great testimonial, give your customers a great product or service
  2. Reward your best customers
  3. Don't ask for a testimonial, instead let your customers give you one!
  4. Make it easy for your customers to leave a testimonial
  5. Be confident in your product or service
  6. Don't stop after one testimonial, always be on the lookout for more testimonials

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