Are you settling for organic growth? A business without a strong strategy is left scrambling to keep up (or put up) with whatever happens.

When it comes to business development, our recent work with Shengfatt Superbike shows how you can achieve a slow and steady increase for sustainable growth.

Set Goals to Grow Brand Awareness and Drive Conversions

It’s difficult to do anything without well-defined goals in place. Specific goals should move past revenue alone and focus on improving things like:

  • Marketing conversion rates
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Customer acquisition costs
  • Organic site traffic and SEO rankings
  • Multi-channel engagement

By establishing SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely), you can address the key performance indicators (KPIs) that impact your business most. Establish defined, meaningful goals with a specific timeline so you can evaluate the effectiveness and adapt your strategy as needed.

Establish a Powerful Brand Strategy

Build a brand strategy focused on solving your marketing KPIs. Powerful marketing relies on a multi-channel approach to increase brand awareness and drive conversions.

For example, we made Shengfatt Store a more seamless shopping experience to improve customer satisfaction. We also built a subscription feature to increase the customer lifetime value and create recurring revenue streams. Our strategy resulted in attracting more than 100k Facebook followers and 10k email contacts to boost brand awareness and increase reach.

When you set the right strategy, the results are undeniable.

Test and Adapt Your Strategies

Don’t sit comfortably with your new strategy. A good plan will stand up under rigorous testing. Always change when your results don’t align with your goals and expectations.

Control Growth for Healthy Expansion

Growing too quickly or too slowly can hurt your business. It can be hard to control fast growth, causing issues that hurt your brand reputation. It is also hard to get out from under slow growth and gain momentum. Instead, use your strategy to control growth and achieve a sustainable rate.

Build for the Customer

One of the most essential parts of your strategy includes centering that strategy around the needs of your customer.

Our work for Shengfatt Store recognized that the customer wanted feel-good convenience right at their fingertips, so we built every page with functionality in mind and enhanced customer review capabilities to increase trust in the value of the products. Using these tactics, we were able to substantially increase product subscription revenue to make up 50% of Shengfatt Store’s total revenue over a 3-month period. 

Customer-centric growth starts with understanding your audience and establishes how you meet their needs.

Choose a Trusted Growth Partner

If you want your company to experience serious growth, you need a successful team you can trust on your side. The right agency becomes an extension of your team, helping you navigate your journey with a proven process for success.

If you are looking to hire a team of experienced category growth experts for your brand, JOeve can help you scale successfully. We would love to discuss strategies, so please contact us here to book a discovery call.

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